If you read one investment book – this should be it! Written by Lindauer, Larimore, and LeBoeuf, the authors extol the virtues of “Bogleheads.” “Bogleheads” are ardent followers of John Bogle, the founder of the Vanguard Group and the architect of the low cost index fund. Their mantra is saving in low cost, diversified index funds. This is probably the best introduction to saving, investing, debt management, and financial planning anywhere.

Great book that covers not only investing but the importance of savings. The author spends a significant part of the book covering money saving tips and goes on to cover important investment stratagies. Although the investing principles are similar to the “Bogleheads” book above, the writing stile and speficic tips make it a worthwhile 300 pages. Another "must read" and quite possibly the best $10 you can invest in your education. Enter text under the Widget Settings tab to appear here. You can include an image and unlimited buttons that adjust to the size of the web browser. When the browser is resized to a small width, the buttons can stack one over the other.

A lot of folks invest significant time financial planning for retirement with no idea what they will do when they get there. Thats sad. While most of books will help you plan for the financial aspects of retirement, this book by Robin Ryan will actually help you plan living life's "next act". Topics include the risks of moving to a new city, the importance of volunteering, hobbies and even starting a business. Much of the book is made up of stories about successful retirees that found fulfillment in retirement. Everyone should have a life plan and this book is the one to read! Best of all, the books profits are donated to cancer research.

Dr. Bernstein is a former neurologist who is now considered one of the foremost experts in the field of modern portfolio theory. He is nothing short of a genus. He wrote a booklet – titled “If You Can: How Millennials can get Rich Slowly.” Don't let the title fool you – this is great advice for everyone. Essentially, he advocates a simple plan by where you save 15% of your salary and put equal amounts of that into just three different mutual funds. Readjust the funds once a year and you a millionaire by the time of retirement.