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We’re Back!

After a short hiatus we are back with the best in veterinary financial news with a new platform! Feel free to read through the various posts or select a specific topic (e.g. student debt) from the list above!

A Financial Blog For veterinarians..

Really, its simple – our  needs are different than other health care professionals. We invest the same four years in professional education as our physician counterparts and accumulate the same level of debt, but in the end our incomes are quite different. Also, despite years of education, most of us are woefully prepared for the realities of saving for retirement, purchasing a home, raising children and paying off student loans. You’ve worked hard for years, you should be able to save for life’s milestones and support a comfortable life; however it will require an investment in education. This is where DVM finance information from The PocketDVM can help.

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