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    Expecting Public Service Loan Forgiveness?

    The wheels of progress move slowly in Washington. Nowhere does this seem more true than when it comes to reform of student loan programs. There were campaign promises of $10,000 credits for all borrowers. There were campaign promises of wiping…

  • Veterinary student loans
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    What Happened to Student Loan Forgiveness

    At the start of all new administrations, Americans have high hopes and dreams. For newly minted veterinarians, perhaps the biggest hope was Biden would cancel out their student loans. Not surprising considering that the average veterinarian is graduating with over…

  • Student-debt & the Biden presidency
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    Student debt & the Biden presidency

    Now that it’s clear that Joe Biden will be our next president, the question that many are asking is: what does this mean for student debt. The short answer is – it’s complicated. What a Biden victory doesn’t mean: First,…

  • where the candidates stand on student debt?
    Student Debt

    Where Do Candidates Stand On Student Debt?

    It’s a big election year for all sorts of reasons. With the candidates offering divergent solutions for issues ranging from global warming to immigration, it’s hard to keep track. One of the many issues veterinarians will be keeping an eye…

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    Don’t Fear The Debt!

    Lately a new breed of veterinary financial guru has popped up. These folks are screaming from the rooftops that the only way to happiness is to pay off all student debt and do it as quickly as possible. Cancel your…