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    Is It Time to Refinance My Mortgage?

    On May 15th mortgage interest rates hit their lowest level in modern history. With interest rates plummeting, many folks are asking themselves, “Is It Time to Refinance My Mortgage?” Since rates are unlikely to go much lower, if you were considering…

  • Is Home Ownership Really An Investment?
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    Is Home Ownership Really An Investment?

    Home ownership, so engrained in our culture that it virtually defines the ‘American Dream.” But is it really a good investment and is home ownership really something to which every veterinarian should aspire? The answer not surprisingly is “its complicated.”…

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    How Much Can I Afford To Spend On A House ??

    A few months ago I started the process of “house hunting.” Personally, I find the whole process – looking, bidding, mortgage shopping, insurance, etc. way too stressful. Forget about packing and moving – that’s a nightmare! One of the first…