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    It’s simple. We invest the same four years in education as other medical professionals and accumulate the same level of debt, but in the end our incomes are quite different. Also, despite years of education, most of us are woefully prepared for the realities of saving for retirement, purchasing a home, raising children and paying off student debt. You’ve worked hard for years! You should be able to save for life’s milestones and live a comfortable life; however, it will require an investment in education. This is where The PocketDVM can help. Sign up for our newsletter and stay up to date with the very latest in DVM financial news!

  • Home Purchase

    Is A Home Really An Investment?

    Home ownership, so engrained in our culture that it virtually defines the ‘American Dream.” But is it really a good investment and is home ownership really something to which every veterinarian should aspire? The answer not surprisingly is “its complicated.”…

  • Student Debt

    Making Easy Work of Loan Repayment Options

    With no fewer than eight repayment options available for federal student loans, it’s no wonder loan repayment plans are so confusing. While it all might seem overwhelming at first, sorting it out really starts one simple question: what’s your student…

  • Student Debt

    Don’t Fear The Debt!

    Lately a new breed of veterinary financial guru has popped up. These folks are screaming from the rooftops that the only way to happiness is to pay off all student debt and do it as quickly as possible. Cancel your…