• Veterinary student loans
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    What Happened to Student Loan Forgiveness

    At the start of all new administrations, Americans have high hopes and dreams. For newly minted veterinarians, perhaps the biggest hope was Biden would cancel out their student loans. Not surprising considering that the average veterinarian is graduating with over…

  • Student-debt & the Biden presidency
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    Student debt & the Biden presidency

    Now that it’s clear that Joe Biden will be our next president, the question that many are asking is: what does this mean for student debt. The short answer is – it’s complicated. What a Biden victory doesn’t mean: First,…

  • Mortgage refinance article
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    Is It Time to Refinance My Mortgage?

    On May 15th mortgage interest rates hit their lowest level in modern history. With interest rates plummeting, many folks are asking themselves, “Is It Time to Refinance My Mortgage?” Since rates are unlikely to go much lower, if you were considering…

  • where the candidates stand on student debt?
    Student Debt

    Where Do Candidates Stand On Student Debt?

    It’s a big election year for all sorts of reasons. With the candidates offering divergent solutions for issues ranging from global warming to immigration, it’s hard to keep track. One of the many issues veterinarians will be keeping an eye…

  • retirement savings
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    Retirement savings and time

    There are so many unknowns when it comes to saving for retirement. Will social security still be around? Probably. How much will I need to live on? More than you think. How much will my investments earn? Not as much…

  • Is Home Ownership Really An Investment?
    Home Purchase

    Is Home Ownership Really An Investment?

    Home ownership, so engrained in our culture that it virtually defines the ‘American Dream.” But is it really a good investment and is home ownership really something to which every veterinarian should aspire? The answer not surprisingly is “its complicated.”…